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MSME Elijah Concert

 "Final MSME practice at The Synagogue. Rehearsal conductor - Angeline Kanagasooriam. Elijah's  part sung by Markus Maiden-Tilsen. Rehearsal pianist- Alan Rooke.

"Dress rehearsal, Quire, Canterbury Cathedral" conductor- Ralph Allwood, Organist-Benjy Bloor

"Above Him Stood The Seraphim....." Soloist- Evie Kanagasooriam
Starts at 1 hour 18mins and 32secs on the YouTube clip

The Performance

Soprano Soloist Angeline Kanagasooriam
"Lord Bow Thine Ear... Zion Spreadeth Her Hands For Aid" starts at 4mins and 10secs
"Hear O Israel" starts at 45min and 20secs
"O Rest in the Lord" starts at 1 hour 11mins 30secs